Zea Miller

Academic & Teaching Portfolio


Hi. My name is Zea ("Z.") Miller, and I am a doctoral candidate in English at Purdue University, specializing in theory and cultural studies, semantics, and semiotics. I also manage the administrative and technological affairs for the Center for Cognition and Neuroethics and I am the production editor for the Journal of Cognition and Neuroethics.

As a scholar, I generally examine the interplay of structure and meaning in narratives so as to uncover systemic models and rationally interrogate both their coherence and social ramifications. I am finalizing my dissertation on Deleuzoguattarian theory and science fiction, which aims to reveal the purport of the genre.

As a teacher, I guide students towards recognizing the material work of concepts across cultural production and the associated artifacts in their lives. I ensure that my courses introduce crucial analytic, multimodal, and collaborative opportunities that not only fit within a broader liberal arts curriculum but also translate well into professional workplace competencies.


Education and Conferences

Reflecting my international education and experience, please find a map of institutions in red and presentations in blue: